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Looking for an online Counsellor?

Relationships often face a tough phase and it becomes crucial to find a way out for all the worries that come along during that particular period of time. It is also important to seek guidance or advice from someone experienced and intellectual enough to understand the gravity of matters and teach us to attain a healthy and stress free lifestyle.

Taking this thought forward, Parenting and Relationship Coaching, popularly known as PRC Pakistan came into existence in 2012. From providing online counselling and guidance to thousands of women, PRC also offers various programs or services to help women lead a successful and healthy lifestyle.

Their services include: Relationships, Anger Management, Depression & Anxiety, Homeschooling Consultancy, Parenting, Family Life, Food & Nutrition, Self Grooming etc. These services are carried out through One on One sessions (voice calls), One on One Monthly Connection (WhatsApp voice and text messages) and Free or Paid WhatsApp groups.

With a team of qualified life coaches and experts, PRC has been doing a phenomenal job in making a difference in the lives of hundreds of women, transforming and training them to build a prosperous future and get empowered.

If you are looking for expert advice and counselling, you can reach out to PRC Pakistan at:

Phone: 0332 8274000

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How I got my child detach from electronic devices

Being mommy in this fast pace digital age is not easy. While you have to run around for accomplishing dozens of tasks – home, workplace or dealing with kids, you have to make sure that the parenting side is not neglected and kids are well nurtured.

Just like digital mums, we have now digital kids too, who do not like to detach themselves from electronic gadgets and love to spend time playing games, watching cartoons/rhymes on YouTube or other media. All this look cool as long as there are no unhealthy effects out of these activities but it’s scientifically proven that too much exposure to mobile phones, tablets or laptops is really harmful.

Being a mom myself, I unintentionally got my child almost addicted to YouTube videos that started making me concerned when he complained about headache one day. Headache for a 4 year old child is of course not a good sign. I didn’t have to think much to guess the reason and so I started looking for ways to keep him away from mobile phone.
What worked for me was the idea of showing him pictures of kids (on internet) who had bad exposure with mobile phones and they got ill ultimately. Meanwhile, I tried to make him understand that how unhealthy mobile rays are for little kids and could damage his brain, God forbid. He quickly learned it and to my surprise, he stopped asking me for mobile phone from the very next day! As a replacement, I picked up his storybooks again and read them at bedtime or whenever he asks me to.
Mission accomplished!


If you’re one of those mommies struggling to disconnect your child from electronic gadgets, do try this method and see if it works for you.
All the best! ๐Ÿ™‚


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“My Bright Smile”

Colgate Palmolive’s “My Bright Smile” Global Art Contest has been providing children across the globe a platform to showcase their creativity and express their artistic thoughts. It has been seventeen years that the unique Global Art Contest is held under the umbrella of Colgate’s Oral Health Education Peogram, “Bright Smiles, Bright futures”. The idea is not only to give a forum for children to polish their inner talent, but also educate them the benefits of good oral care.


This year, the “My Bright Smile” Global Art Contest received an overwhelming response from children across Pakistan with 115,595 entries from schools nationwide. Participants, aged 6 to 9 were invited to participate to show their artsy skills. On 23rd May 2017, an exhibition displaying several shortlisted candidates was held at Alliance Francaise Art Gallery in Karachi, in which prizes were distributed to the 100 best entries and 12 lucky winners were selected for their extraordinary pieces of original art. 

It was such a great feeling to see young kids making their names for the future artists of Pakistan ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ. We must appreciate and encourage these young talented kids, let’s give them a pat on the back; if we don’t then who else will?


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Be the Furor Man

Edenrobe which is one of the leading manufacturers and retailers of quality clothing for kids, women and men in Pakistan has launched and expanded its new brand, Furor. The brand offers high end casual clothing for men and aims to bridge the gap in the casual clothing in Pakistan.

Furor is a brand for fashion lovers and its mission is to connect to the market through its products. “Furor’s communication and marketing strategy will differ from all the current competitors and everyone will see that.” – Director Operations of Furor, Fahad Dandia. Furor stores will be available at Lucky One (Karachi), Boulevard Mall (Hyderabad), Giga Mall (Islamabad), Chen One Tower (Multan) and Emporium Mall (Lahore).

The brand launch event was a star studded evening with Faizan Haq and Hira Hussain as hosts and a super fun showdown between the two amazing Umair Jaswal and Mikaal Zulfiqar who competed for the title of Furor Man. There was a musical dance performance as well to unveil the brand along with contest, games and giveaways. Other renowned media stars included Shamoon Abbasi, Sumbul Iqbal, Aiman and Minal Khan, child artist Maryam who made the event more lively with their presence.


Furor website:

Facebook page: 

#BeTheFurorMan #FurorByEdenRobe

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Reviving lost traditionย 

A good neighbourhood is about sharing moments of happiness and grief, helping each other and of course sharing great food. I have lived among the neighbours who have always been so hospitable and close. Infact, I used to eat at a neighbour’s, almost daily, as their daughter was my childhood friend. Those were the time when guests & neighbors were considered blessings than burden. People used to respect the fact that sharing meals is a source of spreading happiness.

Similarly, I have a neighbour family friend who used to bake yummy cakes and pizzas and share with my family like regularly. As a thank you note, the foodie boy was treated with delicious Karhi, Biryani, Baisan ki roti, haleem (made by mom) occasionally. This oldie goldie ‘mohalla’ (neighbourhood) system was kinda blessing and had kept people united for ages. Not to forget the fact that I grew up in a neighbourhood having cross-sect families, but no dispute ever. Unity and tolerance had been the keys to that strong bond.

What made me share these stories from my childhood diaries is the latest Shan Foods TVC that has stirred the right chord and won millions of hearts across the world. Sharing food among neighbors is Sunnah and falls under Huqooq-ul-Ibaad. The lively TVC revolves around the concept of keeping friendly relations with neighbors especially when a family is a total foreigner and wants to hang out, at that moment the idea of sharing food came as an ice breaker. 

It is an undenying fact that Pakistani culture is a mix of rich heritage, cross nationalities and vast traditions wherein brand like Shan foods is reviving the long lost tradition of mohalla system and educating people to share happiness through sumptuous food made with pure love. It turned out as a breath of fresh air and made so many hearts nostalgic giving them a strong thought to refresh this beautiful tradition and pass on happiness among their neighbors.

TVC Link:

#shanfoods #KhaanaWithParosi #OSTShan 


Pizza Pockets – Your Ideal Meal!

Who doesn’t love those piping hot servings of pizza when the hunger strikes?! We all do, right? 

Pizza Hut, one of the largest international food chains in the world and also a pioneer within the pizza industry, has launched Pizza Pockets. Upon hearing the news, I got myself a pizza pocket deal right away which included two pizza pockets, two soft drinks and regular size of fries. 

The meal was served fresh and on time, pizza pockets appeared to be quite a handy and ideal wrap filled with chicken, fresh vegetables, creamy sauce and hot melted cheese. The serving size was filling as I had to stop right in the middle but the craving was still on!

So, I think that this new meal would be a happy one for school/college goers as well as can be a great partner for office people as they can always have it while working, traveling and to kick off hunger pangs during office hours. It’s light on your pocket as well as your tummy! ๐Ÿ˜€ 

#MealOnTheGo #PizzaPockets

Order @ or Call 111-241-241 


Epitome of courage – Zafar Ahmed

The Launch

Pakistan, a country which is filled with immense talent which, unfortunately, is overlooked or people are unknown. Sparkistan โ€“ an initiative taken by Atlas Battery to show the Spark of our unsung heroes. To discover more about our stars, we travelled all over Pakistan to record their Sparking story. Atlas battery showcased the story of 15 Heroes who are not given the fame they deserved. Atlas battery took a step ahead to give prominence to our sparkling heroes.

“There is no chance, no destiny, no fate that can hinder the firm resolve of a determined soul.” 

Zafar Ahmed works as a firefighter who, with his selflessness and courage, has saved millions of lives. Despite being severely injured while performing his duty at a coal warehouse back in December 2008, his both legs were damaged and he had to go through tough surgeries out of which he came out safe in the 10th operation and continued his profession 5 months after the accident. As stated by Zafar Ahmed, his wife remained a constant support throughout the illness phase and helped him getting up stronger and more determined.

In a world full of mayhem and toxic substances, one should be courageous and dutiful like Zafar Ahmed because saving humanity and that sense of pain you feel for others is nothing less than an Ibadat. Zafar Ahmed has been doing this service diligently. 

Pakistan is still safe and blessed with the existence of people like Zafar Ahmed who endanger their own lives to save others.

Video link for this unsung hero: