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A four-lettered word,easy-to-spell,fluently pronounced but not the same as to what it literally means.Scholars,writers and philosophers presented the theories or rather definitions of ‘life’,but no one ever came up with an exact description of it.Some say it’s an offering by the GOD one should be grateful for;others have a say that a certain way or manner of living with respect to conditions,circumstances,character,conduct,occupation etc contributes to what it is called life.

Besides,what I have extracted from the low or high experiences of human affairs is that life is nothing but an animation;spirit;vivacity;vigor or energy. The words that I speak to any one even myself is life. It’s an endearment enjoyed by every creature of the great universe. It is an exciting package of happiness;pleasures;success,losses and grief. One gets the positive aspects of it and few remain grieved on the issues which wound them. Life is,actually, what we make it to be. It’s a spiritual existence to be lived as an exclamation rather than an explanation.

Of all great people,life reminds us to make it sublime such that if you die people cry for you, and if you live people crave for your company.


3 thoughts on “Life”

  1. Talk about the writing, beautifully done! And it is a good attempt at describing what ‘life’ is all about.

    From what I understand, the second paragraph of the text above seems to be a description of life based on your experiences, right?

    And the last line just sums it all up. Life couldn’t be better if people crave for your company and actually feel your loss after you’re gone.

    Good Job, Anum!

    PS: I got the spelling right this time! 😉

  2. Thanks Ammar 🙂
    I am glad you extracted the right things from my thoughts.
    And you better learn ‘my’ spelling by heart. :p

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