A pakistani thought!

I am a national of such a democratic state, Pak-is-tan, where every thing other than the wish of millions of Pakistanis is deemed supreme. I am neither a politics-fanatic nor I wish to be-ever! But, every bright morning I get to see the latest happenings in the town or other cities, I am disappointed to read the same depressing news of people being killed or finishing themselves all on their own. Reason? The miseries they have been coming across with in the face of poverty. A sole bread earner of a poverty-stricken family gives up after striving hard for the survival of his family,commits suicide and the chapter is closed like it existed never before. I wonder has the human(life) become such a non entity that no one is really bothered to feel the pain. What to talk about the state leaders who are shamefully unaware of the things as petty as the prices of ‘aata’, ‘daal’, yet they proudly shout out ‘roti, kapra and makaan’ to be owned by all. Whom are you going to feed the basic necessities when people are no more left with patience to stay alive. With no food,shelter,not even a sight of clean drinking water their lives are made as miserable to the extent that they lose the hope to survive. Yet, we expect this country to rise high. My heartiest prayers are always with my dear homeland but my heart cries bitter when witness the never-ending sufferings my people have to face. I wish to see a better Pakistan, a peaceful land which is governed by the people for the people, wherein the blessings of masses on the state rulers help them to shape a green and prosperous state,as it has ever meant to be.


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