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A day to relive..

Ever wished to relive any day of your life? Well, I long for so. Every time I look at the old albums of childhood days, it fills my mind with so much shining memories that were once the golden days of life. Those are the days I always want to live in, at least once. Innocent faces,colorful funky dresses and little parties with all the kids who’re of course now grown ups give a long relaxing laughter and at the same time a feeling that oh,we’re so aged now! 🙂

We were known to many things at that point of time, but ignorant of the hard realities of life. What is tension,we didn’t know. How one breaks our heart, we never cared about. Why a friend betrays,that was absolutely no matter to think of.There was in fact nothing to regret or make hopes for.

Now that the phase is all over, but yes,there is a child hidden in all of us who likes to play, tease and do stupid endeavors at times.That is the babyhood i want to relive if ever i could.


2 thoughts on “A day to relive..”

  1. hmm, youth is a bliss, but as fun as it is looking at the positives, we tend to overlook the annoying aspects, like lack of freedom, not being taken seriously, watching your elder siblings going out (not being able to drive!)

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