Let’s stand united for a Cause…a greater cause!

Pakistan is currently going through so many tragic phases; terrorism at the deadliest stage, political instability, natural catastrophes to talk the latest.The recent flood in the areas of Punjab and Khyber Pukhtunkhwa has caused a massive destruction and left millions of people affected so much so that it will take a long time to provide rehabilitation for them.People are forced to leave their houses and are miserably waiting for assistance from government and other fellow countrymen.They are in an urgent need of food,clothes,shelter and medicines in the first place.

It’s our people who are facing this misery, it’s our people who are fighting against this disaster.And so it is the time to show the Pakistani spirit and stand UNITED to help them.We are required to donate as much as we can within our capacity and show the distressed fellowmen that they are not alone.The whole Pakistani nation needs to join hands and must have to help them in anyway as possible.These calamities are a test for a nation and its people.Probably,Allah is testing us in this hour of tribulation.

Let’s pray Allah forgive our sins and have mercy on this nation and its people.Ameen!


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