Help Laila save her father!

The Pakistani nation is being called again to get united for helping their own Pakistani brothers,in need. That is,the release of Naval Captain Wasi and his three companions.

Naval Captain Wasi was taken hostage along with three other Pakistanis on August 8, 2010 from an Egyptian cargo ship. The pirates  demanded $2.1 million for their release. The Senate Standing Committee on Interior directed the Foreign Ministry to make a thorough effort for the release of Pakistanis detained by the Somalian pirates.

Captain Wasi’s daughter,Laila Wasi, announced that she would sell her kidneys to pay the ransom. Responding to this, an Indian living in Dubai, K B Singh, promised to pay $500,000 to help raise the ransom money.

Laila continued appealing to the government to ensure for the safe release of her father. But there was no or least response.

Talk about the later updates, the pirates reduced the ransom demand to $2 million. $1.5 million have already been arranged by shipping company and international NGO.

After repeated request to the government, the family of Captain Wasi started fund raising campaign on their own. The media is also covering the issue but it’s not yet a highlighted story. However, there is a morning show on a private channel, who’s been collecting funds from the common people on streets of  Karachi, and there only, everyone contributed as much as he could. The office people, the school children, security guards, even the beggars came forward, just for the sake of helping their own brothers.

As for the latest update,Ansar Burney,a famous human rights activist in Pakistan, met Dr Ishratul Ibad, governor of Sindh, on Thursday along with the families of the four Pakistanis kidnapped by Somali pirates.

Captain Wasi and other three Pakistanis are facing the worst ever days of their lives in the captivity of Somali pirates hoping to get some positive response from their government.

But let’s not wait for the government only.Now,it’s time for us to come forward, get united and help our Pakistani brothers in this hour of distress. Help Laila save her father. Help the other families see their loved ones back home safe and sound.

There is a facebook event created for this cause, if you’re willing to donate some amount, you can check the details here.

Here’s the link


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