Husn-e-Haqiqi – lyrics

Ae husn-e-haqiqi noor-e-azal
Ae husn-e-haqiqi noor-e-azal

Tenu waajib te imkaan kahoon
Tenu khalik zaat qadeem kahoon
Tenu haadis-e-khalq jahan kahoon

Tenu mutlaq mehez wajood kahoon
Tenu almiya ayaan kahoon
Arvaah nafoos-e-aqool kahoon
Ashbaa iyaan nehaan kahoon

Tenu arsh kahoon aflaak kahoon
Tenu naaz naeem janaan kahoon
Tenu tat jamaad nabaat kahoon
Haivaan kahoon insaan kahoon

Tenu masjid mandir dair kahoon
Tenu pothi te quran kahoon
Tasbeeh kahoon zunnaar kahoon
Tenu kufr kahoon imaan kahoon

Tenu baadal barkha gaaj kahoon
Tenu bijli te baraan kahoon
Tenu aab kahoon tenu khaak kahoon
Tenu baad kahoon neeraan kahoon

Tenu dasrat lichman raam kahoon
Tenu sita ji janaan kahoon
Baldev jasuda nand kahoon
Tenu kishan kanahya kaan kahoon

Tenu barhma bishan ganesh kahoon
Mahadev kahoon bhagvaan kahoon
Tenu geet granth te bed kahoon
Tenu gyaan kahoon agyaan kahoon

Tenu ibrahim hawa shees kahoon
Tenu nooh kahoon tufaan kahoon
Tenu ibrahim khaleel kahoon
Tenu musa bin imran kahoon
Tenu har dil da dildaar kahoon
Tenu ahmad aalishaan kahoon

Tenu shaahid malk hijaaz kahoon
Tenu baais kaun makaan kahoon
Tenu naaz kahoon andaaz kahoon
Tenu hoor pari ghilmaan kahoon

Tenu nouk kahoon tenu touk kahoon
Tenu surkhi beerha paan kahoon
Tenu tabla te tamboor kahoon
Tenu dholak surr te taan kahoon

Tenu husn te haar singhaar kahoon
Tenu ashwa ghamza-aan kahoon
Tenu ishq kahoon tenu ilm kahoon
Tenu vehem yaqeen gumaan kahoon

Tenu husn kavi idraak kahoon
Tenu zauq kahoon wajdaan kahoon
Tenu sakar kahoon sakraan kahoon
Tenu hairat te hairaan kahoon

Tasleem kahoon talveen kahoon
Tamkeen kahoon irfaan kahoon
Tenu sumbal sosan sarv kahoon
Tenu nargis na-farmaan kahoon

Tenu laale daagh te baagh kahoon
Gulzaar kahoon bustaan kahoon
Tenu khanjar teer tufang kahoon
Tenu barcha bank sanaan kahoon
Tenu teer khidang kamaan kahoon
Soofaar kahoon peekaan kahoon

Be-rang kahoon be-misal kahoon
Be-soorat har har aan kahoon
Subooh kahoon qudoos kahoon
Rehman kahoon subhaan kahoon

Kar taubaa tart Fareed sada
Har sheh nu par nuksaan kahoon

Tenu paak alakh be-aib kahoon
Tenu haq be-naam nishaan kahoon

O Beauty of Truth, the Eternal Light!
Do I call you necessity and possibility,
Do I call you the ancient divinity,
The One, creation and the world,
Do I call you free and pure Being,
Or the apparent lord of all,
Do I call you the souls, the egos and the intellects,
The imbued manifest, and the imbued hidden,
The actual reality, the substance,
The word, the attribute and dignity,
Do I call you the variety, and the circumstance,
The demeanor, and the measure,
Do I call you the throne and the firmament,
And the demurring delights of Paradise,
Do I call you mineral and vegetable,
Animal and human,
Do I call you the mosque, the temple, the monastery,
The scriptures, the Quran,
The rosary, the girdle,
Godlessness, and faith,
Do I call you the clouds, the flash, the thunder,
Lightning and the downpour,
Water and earth,
The gust and the inferno,
Do I call you Lakshmi, and Ram
and lovely Sita,
Baldev, Shiv, Nand,
and Krishna,
Brahma, Vishnu and Ganesh,
Mahadev and Bhagvaan,
Do I call you the Gita, the Granth, and the Ved,
Knowledge and the unknowable,
Do I call you Abraham, Eve and Seth,
Noah and the deluge,
Abraham the friend,
and Moses son of Amran,
darling of every heart,
And Ahmad the glorious,
Do I call you the witness, the Lord, or Hejaz,
The awakener, existence, or the point,
Do I call you admiration or prognosis,
Nymph, fairy, and the young lad,
The tip and the nip,
And the redness of betel leaves,
The Tabla and Tanpura,
The drum, the notes and the improvisation,
Do I call you beauty and the fragrant flower,
Coyness and that amorous glance,
Do I call you Love and knowledge,
Superstition, belief, and conjecture,
The beauty of power, and conception,
Aptitude and ecstasy,
Do I call you intoxication and the drunk,
Amazement and the amazed,
Submission and the connection,
Compliance and Gnosticism,
Do I call you the Hyacinth, the Lilly, and the Cypress,
And the rebellious Narcissus,
The bereaved Tulip, the Rose garden, and the orchard,

Do I call you the dagger, the lance, and the rifle,
The hail, the bullet, the spear,
The arrows made of white poplar, and the bow,
The arrow-notch, and the arrowhead,
Do I call you colorless, and unparalleled,
Formless in every instant,
Glory and holiness,
Most glorious and most compassionate,
Repent now Farid forever!
For whatever I may say is less,
Do I call you the pure and the humane,
The Truth without trace or name


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