Justice,Where shall we seek you?

Being an Islamic Republic, the institutions and all governing bodies of Pakistan are obligated to follow and practice the basic teachings of Islam.Talk about justice and legality,which hold immense importance in Islamic preachings,we, Pakistani are far unaware or blind of this practice.So much so that even the Supreme Court, the apex court in the judicial hierarchy of Pakistan,has failed to do ‘justice’ with those who themselves claim to be GUILTY.

I am referring to the release of Malik Ishaq,the most dangerous criminal and leader of the banned terrorist organization Sipah-e-Sahaba,now safely renamed as Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat.He was released on bail by the Supreme Court of Pakistan on July 15,reason being ‘lack of evidence’ and that the case was weak.Whereas,Malik Ishaq had told a Urdu daily in October 1997 that he was involved in the killing of 102 people. He was arrested the same year, and eventually charged with 70 of those murders in 44 different cases, including the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in March 2009. But he was freed from jail just few days on ‘lack of evidence’.Not only that,the weakness of our judicial structure was proved when Malik Ishaq himself appreciated the Supreme Court,saying that justice had been done. Is this we call justice? Who won?The already failed Supreme Court or the one who claimed himself to have taken hundreds of innocent lives?

Where shall we find justice? On what grounds our judges have been making such absurd decisions? Whom are they making fool? People do know the inside truth.

But why should we believe those laws when there is no implementation to them? For how long we’ll have to face such extreme lawlessness and lack of justice? How much violence and how many more innocent lives will we have to suffer with?

Justice,Where shall we seek you?



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