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AirBlue Plane Crash -a tragedy and mystery.

July 28 2010 is a date that will go down in history as the date of the deadliest crash in Pakistan’s history. 146 passengers and 6 crew members. All were lost while landing in a monsoon at Benazir Bhutto International Airport.The plane crashed in Margalla Hills,outside Islamabad.

According to source automatic guns of presidency shot down the Air Blue Plane because plane enters no fly zone of Islamabad.Still,no one knows the inside facts and real truth behind this tragedy.The Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan (CAA) had immediately launched an investigation into the incident, however,later declared poor weather and thick fog as the reason of the flight crash.The Government of Pakistan,The president and the Prime Minister also expressed their condolences to the families of  victims of the accident and announced compensation of Rs.500,000 to the family of each victim.Whereas, the evidences which could have helped the investigation process were kept sealed and the control tower officer of CAA was also ordered to keep his mouth zipped after serious threats.

But,for the families who lost their dear ones, the question remains: what happened? Or simply, why?  They have a right to know what happened, and how and why.It’s been a year now to this tragedy and they still are awaiting justice.They don’t need compensation but just the real facts and truth that what lead to losing their loved ones. Also,it’s not only the families who suffered the loss of their sons,daughters,brother or sisters; but the whole nation lost a valuable asset of 152 lives! There were young,brilliant,energetic individuals on board who had the passion to change the world.They were supposed to be future leaders of Pakistan.There were few individuals who had just started a new journey of life and had so many dreams to achieve,so many wishes to make true.But it’s all gone.

A year has passed and it must have been a deeply frustrating time for the victims’ families.They’re gone but can never be forgotten.All we can hope is to get known with the real story behind this tragic incident soon and that the airline officials,the CAA will take responsibility for the implementation of measures in improving the flight security to avoid any such accident in future.


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