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The real supermen!

The fast-modern age of 21st century has changed the outlook as well as the pace of thoughts of every human that has come after a long way of evolution.

Specifically talking about the society(Pakistan) in which i have been breathing since birth, the drastic changes in the attitudes,thoughts and mind-set of the people especially the young generation have been appreciating yet something important to ponder about. At least it made me think twice and forced to write.

Each day, we are bombarded with more depressing news than the past day -be it, politics, religion, or the day-to-day happenings around the country.The sad truth is we are so much habituated to the bad vibes of news we hear,the fatal accidents,brutal killings,all forms of violence make no effect on our minds or hearts,and even if we feel the pain, it lasts for a day or two till we watch the updates on media,and then it’s all gone off our concern.

Just last night,i was deeply saddened to hear couple of bad news, one about the worst accident that took the lives of school children at Faisalabad, the other was the mugging of a cousin,in fact he had a close call with a bullet.

There are millions of similar stories we hear every day and perhaps such news will continue to haunt our minds since there is no hope of anything positive happen in the near future.

We are at a state of war not within the country,but within our selves.We are the only savior of our lives.And most of all,we have been the most daring and strongest people of the generation ever.We are dwelling in a really dangerous world experiencing the real-life.Breathing in an environment where a never-ending series of mental depression and social unrest exist,we are the real supermen/women on this planet.


1 thought on “The real supermen!”

  1. This is something beyond amazing you’ve written. I loved the last para. And yes, =/ We are at a state of war not within the country, but within our selves. Ahh. Life will be better. Insha Allah. and wow you just made me realized im a SUPER-WOMAN! 😀 Lol

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