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Bahrain exigency

The people of Kingdom of Bahrain have been facing the tyranny of the Al-Khalifa (Saudi rulers) since many months.Severe protests by the people are still extending against the Saudi government,while the Saudi government is supporting Bahrain government, by all means,to pull down the ongoing public protests.Saudi Arab has deployed thousands of military forces who have brutally acted against the Bahraini people.

In Bahrain,each day,several innocent people,including doctors,medics,even young girls and boys are targeted during their peaceful protests.They have been the victims of ruthless activities of the Bahraini security forces.What is worth giving a thought is the fact that why human rights organizations are silent?Is this not a violation of human rights for them?or they are under the command of those  fund-providing countries to talk about every matter but NOT about this act of  brutality.

The momentous events in Bahrain are placing the Saudi government in a difficult position.The Saudis fear the potential “fall” of Bahrain to Iran, and if the eighty-percent Shia population of Bahrain occupy the rule, it will prove to be a great danger to US and it’s mercenary Saudi rulers.Thus they seek to create havoc,that is, make the uprising into a Sunni-Shia issue.

Adding a simpler solution to all the Bahrain crisis, Jean-Francois,a PhD analyst of the intersection of politics in the Middle-East writes, “The al-Khalifas in Bahrain should accept the fact that their 230 years of feudal management of the island has to come to an end. The King should accept to become a British-style monarch. The Bahrainis should be allowed to have a true parliament and ultimately have a Prime Minister issued from a majority coalition of political forces in the island. Indeed, the Bahrainis, especially the younger ones, feel Bahraini first, not Iranian, Saudi, Sunni or Shi’a. A normal political contest would bring stability to the island, which would be good for the United States and for Saudi Arabia.”


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