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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

I believe this statement is difficult to refute.There are ample examples and situations to prove that beauty,indeed,lies in the eyes of the beholder.Beauty is an abstract term,if you ask ten people for their definitions of  beauty,they would give you ten different answers.This is because everyone has different ideas of what constitutes beauty.Our concept of beauty is colored and shaped by our background,education and religion,among many other factors.That is why come thing that is beautiful to you may not be appealing to some one else.

Many people are more inclined to be attracted by outer beauty.They often judge a book by its cover,their logic is that the outside can be beautiful only if the onside is beautiful.Hence,one look is enough to determine whether a person or thing is beautiful.In order to get into the good books of this category of people,you would need to pay attention to your appearance.In this instance,physical appeal is more important.

I am glad that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and that everybody has his/her own yardstick by which to measure beauty.Otherwise,this world would become a mad place to live in with everybody attached to the same thing and going after it.Unwanted things would be left on the shelf,while others would be out of stock.Similarly,when beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,every person has the chance to find the life partner of his choice.Likewise,all pieces of art and antiques too have their own value for different individuals.


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