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Don’t stop tears,they’re good to health!

By the end of this post, i’ll clarify the object of writing this piece of research.This is the translated form of what i read in a health magazine.


Shedding tears has got many benefits…yes,many! There have been coming forth many evidences of crying or letting tears flow at times of grief or pain. In America, the researchers of Indiana University have revealed that those sportsmen who express their sorrow with tears after losing a match, they seem to perform better in the next games.By shedding tears, the intensity of allergy lessens much so that the most common pain of joints,Rheumatoid Arthritis also fades away.

According to some experiments,the defense system of human body which protects us from external attacks or say,diseases, gets activated by crying.In a medical research, it has been observed that the patients of eczema(a skin disorder) were found to have the effects of Latex allergy much lesser after they were subjected to crying.

A medical research in Japan shows that for the patients of Rheumatoid Arthritis, if they cry out of pain or distress,in that case just after crying the presence of a natural immune chemical lessens up,the intensity of which makes the joints pain severe. Many experts extracted a conclusion from this observation that tears are a source to lighten our body up.When we cry,all the stress hormones present in our body get saturated.If this hormone stays in our body that will be a red signal to our health.

It has been concluded with few other observations that by shedding tears, another hormone,Oxytocin’s level increases and it’s adequacy makes the level of stress hormone Cortisol less.


Okay,so that was NOT a health post. It’s a scientific answer to the criticism they make on Shias for crying/mourning on the martyrdom of Imam Hussain(a.s.) and his family. Although it’s a proven fact according to authentic books of Hadith too, but i just felt the need to provide the medical and scientific facts in this regard as well relating the research with this issue. Now, there is left no need to ask why do Shia cry..and even if someone does, then i think they should comfortably reply in context of this research that they are simply taking care of their health by letting tears flow. =)





6 thoughts on “Don’t stop tears,they’re good to health!”

  1. i have no Idea about that …
    but after reading the artical i was shock to know that… Its all Allah Almighty , His creature is always helpful and positive. No matter in what way its is but beneficial.
    M Azeem 🙂

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