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Morally Insensitive or Senseless?!

I do not intend to be giving off negative (depressing) vibes with my words as I pen down my thoughts.Perhaps this is the rave that goes on within myself each time i ponder over the disastrous world activities and its effects on us,directly or indirectly.

The present world we dwell in,surely exhibits advancement of sci-tech, wonderful innovations as well as genius of human mind.Man has been boasting of his excellence in every dimension,but when it comes to achieving heights of moral and ethical values,he has been a total disappointment. Ever take a minute out to think that are we actually advancing towards excellence of humanity or falling in the dark pits of inhuman attributes?

The world opens up a series of dull and colorful stories in front of us everyday; talk about the high rated stories of violence and extremism, have we ever wondered where do we stand in grades of morality and ethics? We have become callous with our actions that reflect lack of human behaviour. We remain in a state of mental depression that swings our moods to be disturbing and cranky.On the other hand,we have confined ourselves in the shells of self-comfort and personal benefits neglecting the value of others’ assets and their lives,most importantly.

Man,indeed,has been successful in developing a luxurious world full of inventions and wonders,but failed to be a high-grade bearer of human attributes that could qualify him to be a better human. The extremism of mind-set and destructive thoughts around us have hit us badly in one way or the other.We have become indifferent to the sufferings of those who are equally human beings like us,and with that the value of human life has reached to nonentity.

All of this violent and depressive environment we breathe in compels me to think that if we have become insensitive morally,or rather completely senseless??!


2 thoughts on “Morally Insensitive or Senseless?!”

  1. ilm bghair tazkiye kay halakat hai – Mola Ali (a.s) … the problem is that today we have advanced in every walk of life by leaps and bounds.. but what that has come on the cost of neglecting our inner human. we have simply not nourished it enough

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