Hussain likhna…

Felicitations to the Muslim world on the birth anniversary of Imam Hussain(a.s.), son of Imam Ali(a.s.), grandson of Allah’s Prophet, Mohammed(P.B.U.H.)


With the ink of sincerity and eyes with tears Write Hussain
On every leaf of the book of your heart Do remember to write Hussain

Words will change to flowers of fragrance
And will blossom in your chest too
On your eyes and on your lips too
You must write Hussain

In your dark scenes
Light will burst too
In your homes you
With a salawaat indeed write Hussain

Extract the essence of a rose
Spray away in the atmosphere too
Then on that golden atmosphere, you
The form of light write Hussain

Write Hussain and rewrite Husain
And after writing you must again
And all that to date you have written
The axis of all that you must write Hussain

Your eyes they will call Adhan indeed
Your prayers will utter its wordings indeed
You on the right way again and again
Read Hussain and then write Hussain

Those spears and all those daggers dazzling
Will shout loud surely – that desert sizzling
Do you know what you must be doing?
On the body of Karbala – Write Hussain

If writing is for sure your motto
In the book of patience Rahat
Where the names of martyrs will be written
Then on the top most – Write Hussain


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