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How I got my child detach from electronic devices

Being mommy in this fast pace digital age is not easy. While you have to run around for accomplishing dozens of tasks – home, workplace or dealing with kids, you have to make sure that the parenting side is not neglected and kids are well nurtured.

Just like digital mums, we have now digital kids too, who do not like to detach themselves from electronic gadgets and love to spend time playing games, watching cartoons/rhymes on YouTube or other media. All this look cool as long as there are no unhealthy effects out of these activities but it’s scientifically proven that too much exposure to mobile phones, tablets or laptops is really harmful.

Being a mom myself, I unintentionally got my child almost addicted to YouTube videos that started making me concerned when he complained about headache one day. Headache for a 4 year old child is of course not a good sign. I didn’t have to think much to guess the reason and so I started looking for ways to keep him away from mobile phone.
What worked for me was the idea of showing him pictures of kids (on internet) who had bad exposure with mobile phones and they got ill ultimately. Meanwhile, I tried to make him understand that how unhealthy mobile rays are for little kids and could damage his brain, God forbid. He quickly learned it and to my surprise, he stopped asking me for mobile phone from the very next day! As a replacement, I picked up his storybooks again and read them at bedtime or whenever he asks me to.
Mission accomplished!


If you’re one of those mommies struggling to disconnect your child from electronic gadgets, do try this method and see if it works for you.
All the best! ūüôā


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Reviving lost tradition 

A good neighbourhood is about sharing moments of happiness and grief, helping each other and of course sharing great food. I have lived among the neighbours who have always been so hospitable and close. Infact, I used to eat at a neighbour’s, almost daily, as their daughter was my childhood friend. Those were the time when guests & neighbors were considered blessings than burden. People used to respect the fact that sharing meals is a source of spreading happiness.

Similarly, I have a neighbour family friend who used to bake yummy cakes and pizzas and share with my family like regularly. As a thank you note, the foodie boy was treated with delicious Karhi, Biryani, Baisan ki roti, haleem (made by mom) occasionally. This oldie goldie ‘mohalla’ (neighbourhood) system was kinda blessing and had kept people united for ages. Not to forget the fact that I grew up in a neighbourhood having cross-sect families, but no dispute ever. Unity and tolerance had been the keys to that strong bond.

What made me share these stories from my childhood diaries is the latest Shan Foods TVC that has stirred the right chord and won millions of hearts across the world. Sharing food among neighbors is Sunnah and falls under Huqooq-ul-Ibaad. The lively TVC revolves around the concept of keeping friendly relations with neighbors especially when a family is a total foreigner and wants to hang out, at that moment the idea of sharing food came as an ice breaker. 

It is an undenying fact that Pakistani culture is a mix of rich heritage, cross nationalities and vast traditions wherein brand like Shan foods is reviving the long lost tradition of mohalla system and educating people to share happiness through sumptuous food made with pure love. It turned out as a breath of fresh air and made so many hearts nostalgic giving them a strong thought to refresh this beautiful tradition and pass on happiness among their neighbors.

TVC Link:

#shanfoods #KhaanaWithParosi #OSTShan 

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Mashal Khan РThe Humanist 

The horrific lynching of Abdul Wali Khan University student – Mashal Khan on alleged blasphemy issue, has stirred almost all silent conscience except those who were involved in this inhumane and apparently planned murder of the extraordinary brilliant student.

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds” – stumbled upon this status update on Mashal’s facebook profile and after going through the deceased past posts, I am compelled to comment that in a world full of chaotic morons, perhaps this guy knew how his life would end like.

According to the statements and story (of the murder) shared by Professor Ziaullah (one of the lecturers and a close teacher of Mashal) at a private channel show, there could be no denying that his brutal killing was planned by the university admin as much as the miscreant students, who should be investigated strictly without any excuse or delays.

I couldn’t stop my tears while watching the post-murder stories on different media channels including Facebook and Twitter. 

Not ignoring the political and religious aspects of the incident, one thing is for a fact that such criminal silence individually and collectively will be the death of this nation. 

Incident like Mashal Khan’s death is an eye opener and blasphemy laws should be reconsidered and amended to protect our youth from religious bigots and ignorant mobs. 

Words fail to do justice for the sympathy and grief this incident has settled in everyone’s heart and mind. We are sorry, Mashal. This nation doesn’t deserve Mashals like you! 

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Pi Social – For the social Karachiites

I happened to visit the launch of this concept based social cafe located at Clifton (same lane as SZABIST) – called Pi Social. Having observed its promotion on social media, I was quite eager to visit it and get to know what it is about. 

Pi Social, as they claim, is Pakistan’s first concept based cafe which started its operation on Sunday, 19th Feb 2017 and got an amazing footfall on the very first day. This cafe comprises of three different cozy areas, which are:

1) Board Game Lounge – It’s all about board games – play as much as you can enjoying food and great company of friends and acquaintances. Board Game lounge offers over 100 board games and it is world’s 31st board games lounge to date.

2) Neighbourhood Market – This unique market would serve your taste buds tantalising food, savouries and desserts from non commercial chefs and bakers – powered by Sheops and The Crafter’s Guild. The Neighbourhood Market will be set up every Sunday where you could enjoy lots of food, and shop your favourite art and craft stuff. 

3) Veranda – is a beautifully decorated garden where Neighbourhood Market would be taking place on Sundays. You can just walk around and treat yourself with yummy food and intricate crafts placed for display. 

4) Pi & Co: This is a co working space for techie entrepreneurs and startups and will be operational shortly.

I think it’s a wonderful and unique idea to have a social cafe for karachiites where they could get variety of entertainment and socialising spot all under one roof. Such newly implemented ventures must be encouraged and people should take a look at what this Pi Social cafe has in store for them.

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I am waiting

For the most cherishing times,
and the colorful signs,
hopes to get fulfilled,
wishes to shine..
for the distance to be closer,
voices to be familiar…
answers to have reasons,
fellows to be more loyal,
trust to be stronger..
I am waiting.

I am waiting for myself to be Me.

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Be the Change!

My blog post on Elections 2013 published on  few days back.
In all the hustle bustle of elections, catching up with talk shows, socializing on twitter, and some personal affairs, I got bit late to post it here on my personal blog.

Here you go:

The Islamic Republic State of Pakistan is going through full hype of Election 2013. In fact, it is just around the corner. Every Pakistani, teenage to adult is excited and in full spirits supporting the best political party he/she has decided to vote for. Certainly, every individual, being a Pakistani, must show high spirits in taking keen part to decide the future of our¬†beloved¬†homeland.¬†It is national and moral duty. Admitting all the¬†positives¬†related to the election 2013 season and the enthusiasm it carries, there is one term which has gained quite a loud momentum long since the election season has started. I am referring to the term, ‚ÄĚchange‚ÄĚ ‚Äď a simple word yet very deep in meaning and got list of ideologies with it.

What compelled me to present my thoughts on paper is the only question that has been shaking my mind every time I discuss about the need of voting or the necessity of adding our voice in shaping the future of Pakistan through our votes. That question is, are we actually ready to accept the change? Are they mere shouts/ slogans demanding ‚Äėchange‚Äô across all media, or we are charged enough to rationally act upon the real perception of ‚Äėchange‚Äô? For I believe that the thing of change comes from within. It is, no doubt, the utmost¬†responsibility¬†of the state to take all measures to safeguard the rights of its state-men at the best possible levels, but simultaneously, is the duty of every individual as well to welcome the season of change with all heart, to cultivate the positive seeds of change in his actions, thoughts and intentions. This is what the dire need of our nation is in this present time of national troubles and calamities. We, as a nation, will have to stand up united with sincere vibes to bring a change of mindset, attitude and our values. There lies our national integrity and only then we can prosper to the roads of a new and reshaped Pakistan.

Otherwise, no matter how many campaigns we strive to run, how much energy and resources are spent convincing people to vote for the most able political party; the idea of having a progressive and refined state would be fruitless.

In that context, I believe that the real leader exists within us only. We just have to recharge those super-positive attributes, make up our minds to ‚Äėbe the change‚Äô, become the model leader and the future is all set towards brightness and progress that we wish to see in our beloved state of Pakistan.

Remember: Change in mindset, thoughts and intentions is all what is required of you, my fellow countrymen!!