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Food Safari – Online Food Treat

Foodpanda has been too caring and generous, like always, as it brings authentic and mouth-watering “desi” cuisines on Pakistan Day holding Pakistan Online Food Safari (POFS) campaign with over 100 food restaurants offering up to 50% discount!

(Note: #POFS deal is valid from 23rd-26th March 2017)

So, having dozens of food eateries option in front of me, I was too confused to decide what to order since each eatery offers amazing discounts and delicious food of course! 

My hunt game stopped at Kashif Foods (located at Gulshan-e-Iqbal) which is quite famous for its Singaporean rice and biryani among other food items. So I ordered a family platter of Singaporean rice (which serves 4-5 people). The food arrived hot and fresh via foodpanda – my all time saviour for online food delivery!

Since my family and me couldn’t resist the tempting aroma, we just devoured the platter in minutes, that was sufficient for 4-5 persons as it said. Quality, quantity and taste was up to the mark and got 10/10 from every person who tried it at home. And the best part was, it was pretty light on pocket – cost me Rs700 only. They offer a large family platter as well which would serve 7-8 persons supposedly. 

So, get these yummy deals by simply ordering away from foodpanda ( and let them take care of your hunger cravings!

Because foodpanda is super convenient and reliable!

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Lead The Way

The Institute for Advancing Careers and Talents (iACT) is a not-for-profit career development center that offers training to underprivileged youth from marginalized areas of Karachi for better career prospects. Established in 2008, in Saudabad, Malir, it is a public-private partnership initiative between Habib University Foundation and local government of Karachi. iACT offers free of cost, as well as scholarship based courses and trainings and also guarantees 100% job placement to its graduates.

Display of Social Action Projects by the Students of Institute for Advancing Careers and Talents (iACT) held at Regent Plaza on 13th February 2017. Young and dedicated students from the areas of Malir District showed off their efforts of implementing various social action projects in their communities. Around 120 young participants from Saudabad and Model Colony were enrolled in the six months training program called ‘Lead the Way’. These participants not only got training for their projects from the program officers at iACT, but also implemented in their communities, schools, colleges, and hospitals. The projects included Anti-Smoking and Anti-Drug Campaign, Women’s Right in Pakistan, Cleaning Campaign, Child Labor Awareness, Awareness Camps about Traffic Rules, Education Walk, Library Conception, Motivational Sessions, Renovating Learning Spaces, Tree Plantation and many others.
Ms. Shamim Mumtaz – Minister Social Welfare Department, Rizwan Jaffar – Founder Chairman Youth Parliament, Mr. Feroz Khan – CEO Omar Jibran Engineering Industries Ltd. and principals of the schools attended the event.

Guests not only encouraged students for their amazing work, but they also talked to all the groups individually, questioning and getting their feedback about the challenges they faced and what they learnt.

Social Action projects displayed by these energetic and highly motivated students proved that there is much room of advancement and betterment if we promote our youth and guide them to the right direction. Future of Pakistan would definitely be bright     as long as our youth is hopeful, devoted and willing to own their society, city and country.

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Pi Social – For the social Karachiites

I happened to visit the launch of this concept based social cafe located at Clifton (same lane as SZABIST) – called Pi Social. Having observed its promotion on social media, I was quite eager to visit it and get to know what it is about. 

Pi Social, as they claim, is Pakistan’s first concept based cafe which started its operation on Sunday, 19th Feb 2017 and got an amazing footfall on the very first day. This cafe comprises of three different cozy areas, which are:

1) Board Game Lounge – It’s all about board games – play as much as you can enjoying food and great company of friends and acquaintances. Board Game lounge offers over 100 board games and it is world’s 31st board games lounge to date.

2) Neighbourhood Market – This unique market would serve your taste buds tantalising food, savouries and desserts from non commercial chefs and bakers – powered by Sheops and The Crafter’s Guild. The Neighbourhood Market will be set up every Sunday where you could enjoy lots of food, and shop your favourite art and craft stuff. 

3) Veranda – is a beautifully decorated garden where Neighbourhood Market would be taking place on Sundays. You can just walk around and treat yourself with yummy food and intricate crafts placed for display. 

4) Pi & Co: This is a co working space for techie entrepreneurs and startups and will be operational shortly.

I think it’s a wonderful and unique idea to have a social cafe for karachiites where they could get variety of entertainment and socialising spot all under one roof. Such newly implemented ventures must be encouraged and people should take a look at what this Pi Social cafe has in store for them.

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Chatkhaar Chilli Garlic Sauce

Chatkhaar is Pakistan’s most premium brand for sauces, chutneys and pickles made in 100% olive oil. It offers a diverse range of exotic sauces, pickles and chutneys to tantalize one’s taste buds and takes your taste buds to an amazing journey adding a life-time experience to your dining occasions.

The most exciting and essential part of Chatkhaar’s products is olive oil which is rich in antioxidants, especially vitamin E. Additionally, Olive oil lowers the levels of total blood cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol and triglycerides.


Currently, Chatkhaar’s range of sauces include, Arabian Garlic Sauce, Chilli Garlic Sauce, Sweet Chilli Sauce, Portuguese Peri Peri Sauce, Honey Mustard,  Morrocan Harissa,  African Hot Chilli Sauce,  Mango Chilli Sauce.

Chilli Garlic Sauce turns out to be the perfect choice if you’re planning to enjoy a yummy pasta dish or authentic Italian cuisine. It is a refreshing combination of garlic, tomato and chilli powder that unleashes a new level of flavor in your plate. You could make as many combinations as you want – from fast food companion to dietary salads to mouth-watering lasagna/pasta, chilli garlic sauce is the answer. It is, no doubt, an impeccable treat for sensitive yet adventurous taste buds. So, get your shelves stocked up with Chatkhaar’s Chilli garlic sauce today and give yourself an unforgettable treat at your dining tables!


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Be the Change!

My blog post on Elections 2013 published on  few days back.
In all the hustle bustle of elections, catching up with talk shows, socializing on twitter, and some personal affairs, I got bit late to post it here on my personal blog.

Here you go:

The Islamic Republic State of Pakistan is going through full hype of Election 2013. In fact, it is just around the corner. Every Pakistani, teenage to adult is excited and in full spirits supporting the best political party he/she has decided to vote for. Certainly, every individual, being a Pakistani, must show high spirits in taking keen part to decide the future of our beloved homeland. It is national and moral duty. Admitting all the positives related to the election 2013 season and the enthusiasm it carries, there is one term which has gained quite a loud momentum long since the election season has started. I am referring to the term, ”change” – a simple word yet very deep in meaning and got list of ideologies with it.

What compelled me to present my thoughts on paper is the only question that has been shaking my mind every time I discuss about the need of voting or the necessity of adding our voice in shaping the future of Pakistan through our votes. That question is, are we actually ready to accept the change? Are they mere shouts/ slogans demanding ‘change’ across all media, or we are charged enough to rationally act upon the real perception of ‘change’? For I believe that the thing of change comes from within. It is, no doubt, the utmost responsibility of the state to take all measures to safeguard the rights of its state-men at the best possible levels, but simultaneously, is the duty of every individual as well to welcome the season of change with all heart, to cultivate the positive seeds of change in his actions, thoughts and intentions. This is what the dire need of our nation is in this present time of national troubles and calamities. We, as a nation, will have to stand up united with sincere vibes to bring a change of mindset, attitude and our values. There lies our national integrity and only then we can prosper to the roads of a new and reshaped Pakistan.

Otherwise, no matter how many campaigns we strive to run, how much energy and resources are spent convincing people to vote for the most able political party; the idea of having a progressive and refined state would be fruitless.

In that context, I believe that the real leader exists within us only. We just have to recharge those super-positive attributes, make up our minds to ‘be the change’, become the model leader and the future is all set towards brightness and progress that we wish to see in our beloved state of Pakistan.

Remember: Change in mindset, thoughts and intentions is all what is required of you, my fellow countrymen!!