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Looking for an online Counsellor?

Relationships often face a tough phase and it becomes crucial to find a way out for all the worries that come along during that particular period of time. It is also important to seek guidance or advice from someone experienced and intellectual enough to understand the gravity of matters and teach us to attain a healthy and stress free lifestyle.

Taking this thought forward, Parenting and Relationship Coaching, popularly known as PRC Pakistan came into existence in 2012. From providing online counselling and guidance to thousands of women, PRC also offers various programs or services to help women lead a successful and healthy lifestyle.

Their services include: Relationships, Anger Management, Depression & Anxiety, Homeschooling Consultancy, Parenting, Family Life, Food & Nutrition, Self Grooming etc. These services are carried out through One on One sessions (voice calls), One on One Monthly Connection (WhatsApp voice and text messages) and Free or Paid WhatsApp groups.

With a team of qualified life coaches and experts, PRC has been doing a phenomenal job in making a difference in the lives of hundreds of women, transforming and training them to build a prosperous future and get empowered.

If you are looking for expert advice and counselling, you can reach out to PRC Pakistan at:

Phone: 0332 8274000

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Reviving lost tradition 

A good neighbourhood is about sharing moments of happiness and grief, helping each other and of course sharing great food. I have lived among the neighbours who have always been so hospitable and close. Infact, I used to eat at a neighbour’s, almost daily, as their daughter was my childhood friend. Those were the time when guests & neighbors were considered blessings than burden. People used to respect the fact that sharing meals is a source of spreading happiness.

Similarly, I have a neighbour family friend who used to bake yummy cakes and pizzas and share with my family like regularly. As a thank you note, the foodie boy was treated with delicious Karhi, Biryani, Baisan ki roti, haleem (made by mom) occasionally. This oldie goldie ‘mohalla’ (neighbourhood) system was kinda blessing and had kept people united for ages. Not to forget the fact that I grew up in a neighbourhood having cross-sect families, but no dispute ever. Unity and tolerance had been the keys to that strong bond.

What made me share these stories from my childhood diaries is the latest Shan Foods TVC that has stirred the right chord and won millions of hearts across the world. Sharing food among neighbors is Sunnah and falls under Huqooq-ul-Ibaad. The lively TVC revolves around the concept of keeping friendly relations with neighbors especially when a family is a total foreigner and wants to hang out, at that moment the idea of sharing food came as an ice breaker. 

It is an undenying fact that Pakistani culture is a mix of rich heritage, cross nationalities and vast traditions wherein brand like Shan foods is reviving the long lost tradition of mohalla system and educating people to share happiness through sumptuous food made with pure love. It turned out as a breath of fresh air and made so many hearts nostalgic giving them a strong thought to refresh this beautiful tradition and pass on happiness among their neighbors.

TVC Link:

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Pizza Pockets – Your Ideal Meal!

Who doesn’t love those piping hot servings of pizza when the hunger strikes?! We all do, right? 

Pizza Hut, one of the largest international food chains in the world and also a pioneer within the pizza industry, has launched Pizza Pockets. Upon hearing the news, I got myself a pizza pocket deal right away which included two pizza pockets, two soft drinks and regular size of fries. 

The meal was served fresh and on time, pizza pockets appeared to be quite a handy and ideal wrap filled with chicken, fresh vegetables, creamy sauce and hot melted cheese. The serving size was filling as I had to stop right in the middle but the craving was still on!

So, I think that this new meal would be a happy one for school/college goers as well as can be a great partner for office people as they can always have it while working, traveling and to kick off hunger pangs during office hours. It’s light on your pocket as well as your tummy! ūüėÄ 

#MealOnTheGo #PizzaPockets

Order @ or Call 111-241-241 

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Pi Social – For the social Karachiites

I happened to visit the launch of this concept based social cafe located at Clifton (same lane as SZABIST) – called Pi Social. Having observed its promotion on social media, I was quite eager to visit it and get to know what it is about. 

Pi Social, as they claim, is Pakistan’s first concept based cafe which started its operation on Sunday, 19th Feb 2017 and got an amazing footfall on the very first day. This cafe comprises of three different cozy areas, which are:

1) Board Game Lounge – It’s all about board games – play as much as you can enjoying food and great company of friends and acquaintances. Board Game lounge offers over 100 board games and it is world’s 31st board games lounge to date.

2) Neighbourhood Market – This unique market would serve your taste buds tantalising food, savouries and desserts from non commercial chefs and bakers – powered by Sheops and The Crafter’s Guild. The Neighbourhood Market will be set up every Sunday where you could enjoy lots of food, and shop your favourite art and craft stuff. 

3) Veranda – is a beautifully decorated garden where Neighbourhood Market would be taking place on Sundays. You can just walk around and treat yourself with yummy food and intricate crafts placed for display. 

4) Pi & Co: This is a co working space for techie entrepreneurs and startups and will be operational shortly.

I think it’s a wonderful and unique idea to have a social cafe for karachiites where they could get variety of entertainment and socialising spot all under one roof. Such newly implemented ventures must be encouraged and people should take a look at what this Pi Social cafe has in store for them.

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Chatkhaar Chilli Garlic Sauce

Chatkhaar is Pakistan’s most premium brand for sauces, chutneys and pickles made in 100% olive oil. It offers a diverse range of exotic sauces, pickles and chutneys to tantalize one’s taste buds and takes your taste buds to an amazing journey adding a life-time experience to your dining occasions.

The most exciting and essential part of Chatkhaar’s products is olive oil which is rich in antioxidants, especially vitamin E. Additionally, Olive oil lowers the levels of total blood cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol and triglycerides.


Currently, Chatkhaar’s range of sauces include, Arabian¬†Garlic Sauce, Chilli Garlic Sauce, Sweet Chilli Sauce, Portuguese Peri Peri Sauce, Honey Mustard, ¬†Morrocan Harissa, ¬†African Hot Chilli Sauce, ¬†Mango Chilli Sauce.

Chilli Garlic Sauce turns out to be the perfect choice if you’re planning to enjoy a yummy pasta dish or authentic Italian cuisine.¬†It is a¬†refreshing combination of garlic, tomato and chilli powder that¬†unleashes a new level of flavor in your plate. You could make as many combinations as you want – from fast food companion to dietary salads to mouth-watering lasagna/pasta, chilli garlic sauce is the answer. It is, no doubt, an impeccable treat for sensitive yet adventurous taste buds. So, get your shelves stocked up with Chatkhaar’s Chilli garlic sauce today and give yourself an unforgettable treat at your dining tables!