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Reviving lost tradition 

A good neighbourhood is about sharing moments of happiness and grief, helping each other and of course sharing great food. I have lived among the neighbours who have always been so hospitable and close. Infact, I used to eat at a neighbour’s, almost daily, as their daughter was my childhood friend. Those were the time when guests & neighbors were considered blessings than burden. People used to respect the fact that sharing meals is a source of spreading happiness.

Similarly, I have a neighbour family friend who used to bake yummy cakes and pizzas and share with my family like regularly. As a thank you note, the foodie boy was treated with delicious Karhi, Biryani, Baisan ki roti, haleem (made by mom) occasionally. This oldie goldie ‘mohalla’ (neighbourhood) system was kinda blessing and had kept people united for ages. Not to forget the fact that I grew up in a neighbourhood having cross-sect families, but no dispute ever. Unity and tolerance had been the keys to that strong bond.

What made me share these stories from my childhood diaries is the latest Shan Foods TVC that has stirred the right chord and won millions of hearts across the world. Sharing food among neighbors is Sunnah and falls under Huqooq-ul-Ibaad. The lively TVC revolves around the concept of keeping friendly relations with neighbors especially when a family is a total foreigner and wants to hang out, at that moment the idea of sharing food came as an ice breaker. 

It is an undenying fact that Pakistani culture is a mix of rich heritage, cross nationalities and vast traditions wherein brand like Shan foods is reviving the long lost tradition of mohalla system and educating people to share happiness through sumptuous food made with pure love. It turned out as a breath of fresh air and made so many hearts nostalgic giving them a strong thought to refresh this beautiful tradition and pass on happiness among their neighbors.

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Do TRUST your (real)FRIENDS!

Have you ever trusted someone? You would have surely done so. You may be wondering why I asked such a question…well, the reason is I am going to share a personal experience about the trust I did in someone, once and for all.

I may not be able to conclude in the end, something like,” Never trust anyone”, or “trust hurts”, etc. I am only trying to put my feelings into words, because I believe that emotions and feelings have no parameter or restriction.

Anyway, it all started when my way was lightened up with the presence of someone; someone who was charming; someone who was attractive; and someone who was innocent. I met him randomly, but the relationship, as in, the friendship built up mutually. We became friends, we used to talk together, we laughed together, we teased each other…, in short,we shared a good time with each other. I was happy, I was grateful; for I had got such a sweet and gentle friend.

But time never stays the same. There also came up a misfortune to me that changed my state of mind. It shattered me like anything. I was shocked; I was surprised; and I was speechless. I had no words to speak out, but the flow of tears in my eyes was enough to reveal my story. The reason for my distress was a little mistake I committed; a mistake that any human can commit. Not deliberately of course.

I do confess it, but the thing, which was much painful, was those words I had never expected to be heard from the only person I trusted blindly. It seemed as if everything around me happened to be still, and I was all helpless. I pleaded him; I begged him; but all in vain. I could not imagine a person could be such cold-hearted.

And yet in the end, I was left all alone. I tied up myself in a relation merrily, but it got split up badly. I lost the confidence that I had in myself; I suffered with the loss of faith that I had on him…

A million words could not bring him back, I know because I have tried. A million tears could not bring him back, I know because I have cried.